2020 Santa Barbara Urban Creeks Council (SBUCC) Mission Canyon Forum [videos]

The Mission Canyon Crisis: Can Southern California Edison Fix the damage and restore Mission Creek?

September 24, 2020
Santa Barbara Urban Creeks Council hosted a Zoom forum “Mission Canyon Crisis – Can Southern California Edison fix the damage and restore Mission Creek?” This forum addressed the public safety and ecological restoration issues associated with SCE’s September 2019 grading of the Tunnel Trail. The grading resulted in the dumping of tons of rock and dirt into Mission Creek, burying the stream channel.

Panelists included:  
Marc Chytilo – Environmental Attorney, Mission Canyon Association·  
Brian Trautwein – Water Specialist, Environmental Defense Center·  
Scott Cooper – Aquatic Ecologist·  
Shirin Tolle – Construction Engineer,  SBUCC

Upper Mission Creek and Tunnel Trail: Drone Footage of the Impacted Area

Tunnel Trail: Before and After

Introduction to Aquatic Ecology Mission Creek: Scott Cooper

Panelist Interview: Marc Chytilo

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