Friends of Mission Canyon

FOMC is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the natural and cultural resources of Mission Canyon in Santa Barbara, CA.

Scars from Illegal Grading on Tunnel Road

SCE Tunnel Road Maintenance Project

In December 2019, Southern California Edison (SCE) conducted 15 days of unpermitted, unsupervised grading and widening of the popular Tunnel Road Trail. SCE’s crew dumped over 6,000 cubic yards of debris into the canyon, with debris reaching or blocking Mission Creek in three locations.

SCE now wants to finish their road work on Tunnel Road, using the same road grading and maintenance practices that have been shown to cause significant impacts to water quality, habitat, wildlife and recreation, and that can be avoided using more modern techniques.

Friends of Mission Canyon has appealed SCE’s maintenance permit with the following goals:

Modernize road maintenance practices to reduce sedimentation into Mission Creek and protect endangered species and habitat

Require comprehensive environmental review for this and all other SCE projects in the entire creek corridor

Keep SCE’s promise to make Mission Canyon whole after their egregious violations

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